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The TPA Difference

What Sets Us Apart

TPA is structured to support and service several different business models including RIA, broker-dealer only or a hybrid type combination. We leave the decision and freedom to you to choose how you conduct business. Fixed insurance can be placed through TPA’s preferred partners or through trusted relationships of your own. No minimum fees or sales quotas here! Experience the freedom to manage your business how you see fit.

Tax professionals and attorneys are welcome. The Professional Alliance has extensive experience in supporting dual practices. We understand the complexities of satisfying multiple regulators and have systems in place to achieve compliance.

Our management team has years of experience supporting advisors with difference financial practices. We understand the difference between valued advisors and salespeople, and will guide your practice in a way that significantly enhances its reputation and bolsters client satisfaction. We are an alliance of professionals striving to deliver better service and equip our network with the ability to build upon each other’s expertise.

The Professional Alliance is truly independent. While Cambridge provides an excellent top-tier platform to work off of, TPA will do what’s best for the advisors and network of professionals we service and support.

Our employees are professionals, not producers. We are specialists in various categories providing expertise across different avenues and lines of business. TPA staff stand by to assist you and your business in a competent and expeditious manner. Your calls are always answered and our dedication to service is what differentiates us from the rest of the pack. We are committed to developing a personal, long-term relationship with all our clients. Contact us today to learn more!

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