1. Are you able to bill clients for services rendered?With an RIA affiliation, you can charge a fee for managing client accounts. But what about their company 401(k) or helping with an estate plan? With the proper ADV, you have the freedom to bill clients for your time on an hourly or project basis. This reinforces your reputation as a professional advisor and embellishes fiduciary responsibility.
  2. Are you worried about ownership of your broker dealer?The financial services industry continues to consolidate. The sale of a BD can be very traumatic as it often results in a change of direction and repapering accounts. Today’s landscape is marked by “empire builders” who control several broker dealers or very large firms where, as Johnny Rivers sang, “they’ve given you a number and taken away your name.” Still other broker dealers are owned by venture capital firms whose ultimate exit strategy is to sell the firm. If you have a broker dealer relationship, it should be stable, supportive and void of any liabilities such as those outlined above.
  3. Do you lack independence?Many financial professionals are faced with a conflict of interest, with pushed proprietary products and confining sales agreements. If you lack the freedom to run your business as you see fit, you may not be working in the best interests of your clients. This is why The Professional Alliance is productagnostic and committed to independence for all of our advisors.
  4. Are you getting incorrect answers to your questions?If you’re waiting to connect with the next available representative every time you call, it may be time to consider a more personal solution. Our staff members are specialists in their field and communicate directly with our Rep/Advisors at their convenience. If you value one-on-one service and guidance tailored to your practice, don’t continue at a firm where you’re treated like a number.
  5. Are you lacking clear compliance guidance in a timely manner?Practice standards should be compliant but reasonable. Strangling advisors with paperwork is no way to monitor compliance, but neither is giving them no protection at all. At The Professional Alliance, we maintain a dedicated staff focused on compliance who guide our Rep/Advisors through the process without dragging on their efficiency. And advertising review takes place in days, not weeks.
  6. Do you want support for marketing and managing your practice? A successful advisor will utilize various tools to hone their skills and expand their practice, but what if you lack access to the resources you need? Through The Professional Alliance, you’ll receive group and individual coaching programs, advertising campaigns, social media utilization, educational opportunities and discounts on marketing materials – allowing you to increase your business in a cost-effective manner.
  7. Are your product offerings limited? Whether you lack access to fee-based products or are “encouraged” to use proprietary vehicles, restricted product availability can limit your practice. With The Professional Alliance, you can enjoy a plethora of investment choices with the most sophisticated client management tools available.
  8. Is your access to technology solutions insufficient?Without the right technology support behind you, it can be impossible to grow your practice or focus on anything other than administration. With Cambridge, however, you can enjoy a seamless interface between client management and account serving, along with a highly customized reporting console and much more. With these applications and the training you need to learn them, you can finally attain your potential.
  9. Are you worried that transition could cost you valuable time and revenue?You may be concerned about the hassle of repapering, and the potential loss of clients and revenue that can follow a transition. Yet in the long term, transition may be exactly what you need to take your practice to the next level. That’s why The Professional Alliance is committed to comprehensive and personalized transition support. We’ll even help you fill out your paperwork so disruption to your business is minimal.
If you answered yes to any of these questions and want to learn more about your options, call us at 888-766-5550 or contact us online for a free, personalized consultation.