The TPA Difference

Make Trades, Not Trade-Offs

Members of The Professional Alliance enjoy the freedom to do business how they see fit. Our company is built around the principle that financial professionals know what is best for themselves and their clients. This commitment to independence is illustrated in many ways:

  • Function as a RIA only, BD only or hybrid combination. Structure your practice as you like with or without a broker dealer affiliation.
  • Fixed insurance can be placed wherever you like. Use your existing contacts or one of our general agencies. It’s your choice.
  • No minimum fees or sales quotas. Experience the freedom to charge clients whatever fees you choose. We do not have sales quotas, allowing you to build your practice at your own pace.
  • We are family. We are committed to developing a personal, long-term relationship with you and strive to foster a familial, interconnected environment. We get to know you by name and are able to customize training and support, while making the best recommendations for your practice. This immersion also allows us to easily service your office when you are on vacation or otherwise unable to assist clients.
  • Tax professionals and attorneys are welcome. The Professional Alliance has extensive experience in supporting dual practices. We understand the complexities of satisfying multiple regulators and have systems in place to achieve compliance.
  • Community banks and credit unions. Our management team has years of experience supporting advisors with financial institutions. We understand the difference between valued advisors and salespeople, and will guide your institution in a way that significantly enhances its reputation and bolsters client satisfaction.
  • We are an alliance of professionals. Our members have the ability to network and build upon each other’s expertise.
  • The Professional Alliance is 100% owned by its members. While Cambridge offers some OSJs and Reps the opportunity to exchange part of their businesses for a share in an entity controlled by them, we see that as a conflict of interest for the true independent and do not participate in that program. We are 100% owned by our members and always will be.
  • Our employees are professionals, not producers. Our staff is focused 100% on the needs of our members, resulting in faster, more efficient service. Moreover, our employees are specialists, with years of relevant experience, who stand ready to assist you in a competent and expeditious manner. Your calls are answered by a human who will connect you to someone with the comprehensive experience to serve your needs.

Our dedication to service is what differentiates The Professional Alliance from our competitors.